Saturday, 21 January 2012


The Androgynous Agyness Dyen who is an English model and band vocalist blows our mind off with her amazing style and fashion sense and yes we are crazy about her. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012


It's funny how we always end up blaming the cause of everything that happens on something or the other but not to oneself. BLAME IT ON THE BEER #LOL
Here's a funny cartoon picture that says it all " : D"
This is exactly what happens all the time, every time and everyday.
Better make a change before it's too late!


Wednesday, 18 January 2012


The amazing Canadian Model who blows our mind off with her DOLL FACE.. yet with all the Gorgeous beautiful looks she's down to earth. Appears Gorgeous in everything she wears and yeah makes her own style adorable and hard to take your eyes of her.
get startled with her looks.. WE LOVE YOU JESSICA STAM >.<

WHO WHAT WEAR- Styling tips.

A glance from today's "Who What Wear" post on Styling tips. This tips can be really inspiring and yes they give  us solution on all our head ache's we have on "What to Wear???" wardrobe crisis we suffer from time to time. Cheers to #WHOWHATWEAR :)

Monday, 16 January 2012

2012 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Ladies and Gentlemen here's the other round of this wonderful event that happen once in a year and yeah the styles and trends that pop out new and fresh and the inspirations we get from them. The Celebrities make the most of their masterpiece and here we are starring at them all envious and proud of each of them for their success and their influence in each one of our life. They look stunning hot and yeah Glamorous ..they've got all the glam and picture perfect looks yeah i bet that's the blessing they've got! well lets hope they all continue to shine through bright as stars :) #CheersToThem!
The Backless amazing dresses and the best dressed of the year 2012 Golden Globe red Carpet and the award winners...and yeah the story goes on..Here's A glance of the "2012 Golden Globe Red Carpet Awards",and yes the pictures will do all the talking :)

Mind blowing isn't it! ;)


Presenting oneself in an appropriate manner as according to place and moments is very important! it speaks highly about oneself... be independent! and follow your instincts it could be an inspiration an an education for others..
Looks that inspire me..Hope it inspires you all too :)

Bright Color's always work they add attraction and uniqueness ;)

 Denim could always work off cool and hell yeah it always work as back in 80's...

Long pretty skirts and dresses...a little bit of accessorize and yeah it works wonderful!

Ways to wear Cuffed Jeans:

Sheer Black #Sexy

Stripes are always and inspiration and they never die.

The come back.

Hi all,
It's been a while i haven't been able to find time to keep up with the world, but never the less i somehow got back in the game again. I wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR (it's almost mid jan but i hope that's not too late). How was last year for all of you??? Did you think it was satisfactory or maybe u almost forgot all your new year resolutions before mid year??? well that's the case to a lot of people, we often get blinded by what comes ahead of us and jump on it forgetting all we thought we'd be able to achieve.
Well there are few who did follow it and yeah a big CONGRATULATIONS to them for their determination and will power. I should say i could from them :)
I almost did forget all my resolutions and duty half way and yeah i had a very hard time keeping up but yeah somehow only by the end of the year did i realize that it was just too late...i had to say goodbye to the unsuccessful year and welcome in the new year and yeah! wish for a better year this year. 2012 a big year..with all the warnings and sayings that the world might just come to an end! yeah that's what everyone's been thinking lately if it's gonna be worth even living the year ahead. well yeah! it's not like anyone exactly know when the world is gonna end except GOD for sure.! so yeah lets not be discouraged by all this sayings and be more enthusiastic into getting the best out of this new year :) #Cheerstoall.
Ever wondered if about your life, why things don't turn out your way and when u think it's right! it just all falls apart like right in front of your eyes. ! ????
yeah! that's exactly how this few months since the mid of last year has been... I tried convincing myself it was just not my year but well that was not the point! do you think i was too scared to face the fact that i was a failure!??? all the things i did would just not work out.. my grades fell so bad that i had no words to explain to my parents..i thought i'd do some work online but well! that was an epic failure too.
Then i came to this point where i thought i'd just lost everything..i was so upset about everything people were getting ahead and it appeared like everyone was having so much fun except me...i started asking questions why was i feeling this way and why can't i get myself the real happiness.My stories of fun and crazy adventures started reducing to countless moments and it just felt so wrong... i tried almost everything that i could think of that could make me feel alive and happy..but well! non worked! I thought all i needed was a vacation with my family. yeah! i flew home for Christmas to spend with Mom and Dad i had to get some inspiration learn something...o make myself enroll in some active activity. It turns out it was not a very good year to celebrate but well Family always made me feel safe, loved and warm :) yeah i thank Gog for my blessed Family. Inspite of all that was on my mind last whole half year i somehow seemed to get peace and fresh mind..I visited the Church after like a year of not attending church service and it felt great! (yeah! Stop judging me!) then i thought what have i done to myself i have been so lost this whole time and i got myself convinced that i really should start up strong again. I needed socializing! i had to get myself introduced to more people (well am working on that) every new people we meet can be an inspiration. holiday time passed so fast that i had to get back to doing my duties and real life activities...well i have been thinking maybe i should work for a year or so and yeah the Job hunt has been keeping me busy and un entertained but yeah i told myself i will not complain. I'm looking forward to get an appropriate job very soon by this month! (well i better!) and yeah I pray that this year be a more fruitful and educational year for me and all of you out there. I talked much didn't i? well i'am sorry about that well i'll keep you posted on all the adventure i have this year. God bless us all :)