Friday, 26 August 2011


Beatles are a legend and they will always remain a history in our mist.. we all love them for just being them and all the amazing song's and lyrics they've got... it's like you listen to their song's and you feel wanna fall in love all over again... it inspires your heart and soul... it's awesomeness is beyond words :)
a tribute for "BEATLES" this is all about them...
the movie "across the universe" it was a keeper... with all the "beatles" song on it... i could never get tired of it.
their song "if i fell in love with you" was always a question that actually popped up...whenever it comes to the point of getting into a serious meaningful relationship.. it's like you wanna know it all...about what the other think..well lets leave that far behind for now.
listen to the song and get into the mood of ...FALLING IN LOVE :)

i wanna hold your hand ^_^

cheers to us all ^^ 

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