Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Well well.. the spiritual boosting visit of Joyce Meyer and Hillsong United was absolutely a mind blasting and boosting experience. Inspite of all the busy people running in and out and around  the Capital of India #Delhi , a lot of thousands showed up and yeah... it mustn't have been quite a pleasant experience for all in the beginning with all the rush and the crowd being uncontrollable (well what can we say.. It's India! :o). But yeah! as soon as the show was on! everyone was on kick ass mood... started with Praise and worship songs leaded by Hill-song united and yeah then comes the wonderful message delivered by "JOYCE MEYER" ..the environment suddenly changed. It was unbelievable, everyone was captivated by the blessed message and the blessed time that was on...little did we know it will be over in no time.. The two days seminar went like a 2 hours time.. and yeah we wanted more but well well it's all bounded in time and it's not like we can keep it going forever ehhh!??

The grace of God did fill the arena thou, it was wonderful to see a lot of Christians gathered together in the name of God to praise and worship. And yeah a lot impressed to see the whole crowd and the rush and people hunger to hear the word of God. It was a miracle that India has Gained a lot more followers of Jesus Christ and it was just a blessing. A lot more can happen and yeah one should never stop spreading the word of God.
A special thanks to the producers of the "Festival of Life" and also to "Joyce Meyer" and "Hillsong United" for coming to India and sharing and spreading the word of God and his Grace through words of wisdom , bible, Hope, Forgiveness, Fighting FEAR, Mercy, grace and yeah Music which indeed light up the place. India need much more of this kind of events that will brighter people with hope and grace and become a better environment and growth spiritually and morally in and around :)
May God Almighty bless us all.

CHEERS ALL. much love xx.

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