Monday, 12 September 2011

fashion's night out 2011 new delhi

September 10 at Emporio Mall -Vasant Kunj.. me ,my cousin and my two sweet friends went to witness the Indian fashion night out.. it was not as much as we expected but yes we did see a lot of celebrities and most of them we wouldn't have known if the huge big bouncers weren't walking behind them :D
but well it was crazy and fun.. not to mention the ques were really long and we wasted half our time standing there and ended up getting nothing from it :/ . well never mind.. because it was just an experience. i was suppose to post this last night after we got home.. but well filled with excuses i got so lazy :p
we gotta see Indian designers like "Manish Arora" and yeah managed to get some pictures with "Suneet Varma" and yeah ! he was so kind :) he probably made our day ^^

here are some pictures...

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