Saturday, 10 September 2011


it's that time and hour of the day.. when you actually start doing something useful and worth the time and nothing actually works out.. and it all burst right in front of your eyes, and the people you wanna talk too are just too busy and caught up with their life.. and the guy you think is yours have a girlfriend already while your still trying to figure out your life and learning all means on how to support yourself without depending on your parents! yes! it's all so fucked up at the moment... you ask for help and people are just too slow and stuck in their world and make no move to help... yes that's exactly were am stuck right now. and i feel shallow as if.. nothing would work out and all i do is of no credit!

i'am fucking 21 now and i'am ashamed that am still depending on my parents for my living.. so i have finally decided i have to move my ass fast now before i get caught up in the so call "mid-life crisis" and took a pledge that i should seriously start living my own before i hit 22 yrs now. i just got 6 months to start on something new for living and personally financing myself and managing my own life. am so fucking tired of making calls asking for money to parent.. huhhhhhhhh so i have to start now..

this is always the place where i come back when i go crazy.. hahahahaha
i'am glad at least i can write it out.. and express thank god this facility is not banned or blocked in India.

here are some pics of my wishlist..
i seriously want them all :D #greed lol

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